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If you plan to come this Sunday, please register by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so that sufficient lunch can be prepared 

Dear Friends,

You are warmly invited to attend the Rose Ceremony in the tradition of Plum Village at NhapLuu on Sunday 25-Aug-2019. The Rose Ceremony is an opportunity to pay respect and offer gratitude to our parents for their love and care throughout our lives. This is special as it is a time when we can reflect on and appreciate the good seeds that our parents have passed on to us, whether they are still alive or have already passed away.

The provisional schedule for the day is as follow:

09:30   Walking meditation

10:00   Dharma Talk

10:30   Rose Ceremony

12:45    Pinic Lunch

02:30   Be-in (sharing about the love of parents)

03:00   Farewell.

….Father's work is enormous, as huge as a mountain. Mother's devotion is overflowing, like water from a mountain spring. Maternal love is our first taste of love, the origin of all feelings of love. Our mother is the teacher who first teaches us love, the most important subject in life. Without my mother I could never have known how to love. Thanks to her I can love my neighbors. Thanks to her I can love all living beings. Through her I acquired my first notions of understanding and compassion. Mother is the foundation of all love, and many religious traditions recognize this and pay deep honor to a maternal figure, the Virgin Mary, the goddess Kwan Yin. Hardly an infant has opened her mouth to cry without her mother already running to the cradle. Mother is a gentle and sweet spirit who makes unhappiness and worries disappear. When the word "mother" is uttered, already we feel our hearts overflowing with love. From love, the distance to belief and action is very short….


Vietnamese version:

Ý ni
m v m thường không th tách ri ý nim v tình thương. Mà tình thương là mt cht liu ngt ngào, êm du và c nhiên là ngon lành. Con tr thiếu tình thương thì không ln lên được. Người ln thiếu tình thương thì cũng không ln lên được. Cn ci, héo mòn….


“ Đó là đip khúc tôi mun ca hát cho anh nghe hôm nay. Và anh hãy ca, ch hãy ca, em hãy ca cho cuc đi đng chìm trong vô tâm, quên lãng. Đóa hoa màu hng tôi cài trên áo anh ri đó. Anh hãy sung sướng đi ".
…Dù là ng
ười theo đo Pht, hoc không phi là đo Pht, nhưng khi nghe đc đon văn Bông hng cài áo ca Thin sư Thích Nht Hnh và nghe nhng giai điu tuyt đp cũng nhng ca t cha chan tình cm v tình mu t ca c nhc sĩ Phm Thế M chc chn s có nhng cm xúc rt đc bit và vô cùng thiêng liêng khi nghĩ v nhng đng sinh thành.

L Vu Lan

Bông Hng Cài Áo

 Ch Nht: 25.08.2019

    9:30            Thin hành

   10:00           Pháp Thoi

                  10:30          L Bông Hng Cài Áo

        12:45          Ăn trưa –picnic

         02:30 pm   Ngi chơi bên nhau,

                            Chia s v Cha và M


                                          Kết thúc -  hn gp lJ




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