Plum Village Australia

1st Spring Opening 2014 (Sept 19 – 25)

offered by The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village from Nhap Luu Monastery,
Deer Park Monastery, Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism & Plum Village Thailand





February, 2014 

Dear Friends,

You are warmly invited to visit Thien Vien Nhap Luu – Stream Entering Meditation Centre - in Beaufort Victoria, to attend the first Spring Opening Retreat. The retreat will be held in September, from  the 19th to the 25th, and is with the monks and nuns of Plum Village from Nhap Luu Monastery, Deer Park Monastery, Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism, and Plum Village Thailand. The venue is  the nearby Cave Hill Creek Resort, 20 km away from Nhap Luu. There will be a day of Mindfulness at Nhap Luu itself, included in the programme, on Sept. 21.

For the past years, there have been weekend retreats held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and  (more recently) Adelaide every April and Sept/October. The Annual Spring Opening at Nhap Luu replaces the weekend retreats of September/October, so all people from Australia will be able to come to the home centre of Plum Village Australia to practice, to enjoy the presence of loved ones and friends, and to build  Sangha.

Plum Village’s practice is designed to help us weave mindfulness into all of our daily activities. In this way we can practice meditation throughout the day while eating, walking, working, sitting in meditation, or even enjoying a cup of tea together. All participants are invited to help in communal activities such as arranging the meditation halls, preparing meals, cleaning bathrooms, emptying garbage, watering plants, washing pots, cleaning the kitchen and other tasks, as part of the daily practice of mindfulness. Since the teachings emphasize the benefit of practicing with the Sangha in order to enjoy its collective energy, it is important for all participants to fully participate in all scheduled activities. Participants are requested to refrain from smoking, drinking and sexual practice during their stay as a concrete expression of their practice of mindfulness. There will, as well,be an opportunity to receive the 5 Mindfulness Trainings - a template for happiness and meaning in life and the foundation of our being together as a Sangha.

Lectures will be in mainly in English and sometimes in Vietnamese. Simultaneous translations are provided. Dharma discussion groups in one's native language will also be arranged.

Please see the tentative schedule for the retreat below.



Tentative Schedule -
Peace is Every Breath Spring Opening Retreat Sept 19 – 25, 2014


Sept. 19 – Friday

Sept. 20 –


Sept. 21


Sept. 22


Sept. 23


Sept. 24


Sept. 25












Sitting & Chanting

Sitting & Chanting

Lazy Morning

Sitting & Chanting

       14 MT






10 Mindful Movement


Go to Nhap Luu

10 Mindful Movement




DOM at Nhap Luu

8:30 Walking Meditation

10:00 Dharma talk

12:30 Lunch

13:45 Total Relaxation

Dharma Discussion




8:00 Breakfast



Dharma talk

Lazy Morning

Dharma talk

Q & A

9:30   Dharma talk



Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation








13:45 – 14:30


Total Relaxation

Lazy afternoon

Total Relaxation

Total Relaxation




Dharma Discussion

Dharma Discussion

   Dharma Discussion




Sport / Stick Exercise

Back to Cave Hill Creek

Sport / Stick Exercise

Sport / Stick Exercise












Sitting Meditation

Lazy night

5 MT Presentation

Beginning Anew Presentation

Be-in - Performance




Bed time – Light Out


Noble Silence Practice until after breakfast



Children’s and teens’ programs

A family program is available for young people six years and older, with children’s program for 6–12 years old and teens’ program for 13–16 years old. A group of staff will help coordinate activities together with the parents and other interested adults. Children under 6 are completely under the responsibility of their parents. In past retreats , many such parents were able to coordinate childcare among themselves in order to participate in the adults' activities.

Regarding clothing at Plum Village, it is fine to wear casual clothes outside the meditation hall. But inside the meditation hall, please wear sleeved shirts, long pants or calf-length skirts.

We will have a Lazy Day, when there are no scheduled activities and the bells will only be invited to announce meal times. Lazy Day is an opportunity to let the day unfold in a natural way while still maintaining mindfulness. We can enjoy being with friends, taking a walk, reading a book, or just relaxing and enjoying the day in mindfulness within the retreat boundaries. The meditation hall is open for those who enjoy sitting meditation.

We hope you will come and share in the joyous celebration of life among blossoming sunflowers and fellow practitioners. We are looking forward to seeing you and to making steps of peace and joy with you at Nhap Luu this spring!

Nhap Luu Spring Opening Registration Team                      




How to register

Registration is available on line at our website Spaces are limited and are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please see accommodation options, retreat fees and payment term below. If deposit and balance not paid in time as specified, your spots will be released for people in the waiting list.



CONTRIBUTIONS*(Amount listed is per person and includes tuition, room, and meals)

17yrs. & older

13yrs. - 16yrs old

2yrs. - 12yrs old


Dormitory/Eco-Tent (only pillow is provided, linen can be rented for an additional $10/week. Pay directly to the resort)





Bring your own tent, pillow and linens $405 $305 $245


Payment : If you could pay the whole amount in one payment, please do so. Otherwise, see below.

Refund:Deposit is non refundable. No refund of any portion of the contribution is available for late arrivals or early departures

Registration made

Deposit and payment

Notice of Cancellation

Refund Amount Per Person

Before April 1

Deposit $100/person by April 1. Remaining balance by May 31

before May 31st

Refund 70% excluding of deposit

April 1 to June 30

Deposit $100/person due immediately. Remaining balance due June 30.

before June 30th

Refund 50% excluding of deposit.

After June 30th

Whole amount due immediately.

after June 30th

no refund

Payment detail are provided in the confirmation e-mail when you register. Please follow the instructions there.

Address all inquiries to:

Spring Opening Retreat Registration Team

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.