Support the new kitchen & dining room

Support the new kitchen & dining room

Dana for Plum Village Australia

Whenever I think of Nhap Luu, I think of the bodhisattvas who offered the land and place as a monastic/practice center. Years of regularly attending and preparing the land, patiently waiting for Plum Village to accept the gift. I also think of those who offered not just funds to build structures including the magnificent meditation hall and the more modest buildings that have served the community well. The additional land, the Peace House where the nuns now live, the greenhouse and the recent new dormitories. The material gifts and gifts of service, time and energy – all manifestations of the generosity of the sangha.

It’s easy to overlook that Nhap Luu as it is today has been nurtured and cultivated through all of this dana over many years. Of course, the dana of service from the monastics who have lived and practiced here for the past decade or so is also a gift.

All true gifts are given without expectation of anything in return.

This short piece is to ask all friends across Plum Village Australia to consider donating to our spiritual home of Stream Entering (Nhap Luu) Monastery who needs our support at the moment. A friend who regularly attends mindfulness days there has told me of the frugal ways the nuns live through the cold winters and hot summers. They get by on a tight budget, often denying themselves basic comforts, while necessary projects and maintenance are on hold due to lack of funds. The proposed kitchen and dining hall (to replace the existing kitchen which has been condemned by the council) and the bell tower are just two of those projects sitting on the shelf along with some overdue maintenance to the nun’s house – all priorities requiring funds.

Many of you already support the monastery financially, thank you, that is wonderful. However, if we can all find it in our hearts to give a little something more to the account below it will go a long way toward ensuring the work of compassion and love in this tradition continues beautifully into the future.

Breathing and smiling,

John Barclay, True Path of Light.

To make a donation, please deposit into the following account:


BSB: 633000, Account number: 137099818