One way to help us dwell in the present moment is to practice reciting gathas or mindfulness verses. When we recite the gathas silently to our self, our mind comes back to the present moment and our thoughts are guided by the deep wisdom of our ancestors. Our actions of body, speech and mind are poetically filled with understanding and love. There are many gathas for different aspects of the practice. We can begin by memorizing one or two and learn more over time.


Hearing a Bell

   Listen, listen,  

This wonderful sound 

Brings me back to my true self. 


Drinking Tea

This cup of tea in my two hands,

Mindfulness is held uprightly!

My mind and body dwell in the very here and now.


Walking Meditation

I have arrived, I am home 

In the here, in the now 

I am solid, I am free 

In the ultimate, I dwell. 


Experiencing Emotions

Feelings come and go

like clouds in the sky.

Concious breathing is my anchor.


Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth,

I vow to speek purely and lovingly.

When my mouth is fragant with right speech,

a flower blooms in the heart of my garden.


Turning on the Light

Forgetfulness is the darkness

Mindfulness is the light

I bring awareness to shine upon all life.


Using the Toilet

Defiled or immaculate,

increasing or decreasing

these concepts exist only in ouur mind.

The reality of interbeing is unsurpassed. 


Turning on the Tap

Water comes from high mountain sources.

Water runs deep in the Earth.

Miraculously water comes to us and sustain all life.

My gratitude is filled to the brim.


Good Night Gatha

Breathing in, I let go of my worries and my tensions.

Breathing out, I touch Peace.

 (Recommended book: Present Moment, Wonderful Moment)