Going Home

There is no coming and no going, for we are always with you and you, with us. When we go home and we remember to return to our breathing, we will know that the friends at Plum Village and our Sangha Body all over the world are breathing too. Anytime we like, we can take refuge in the practice of conscious breathing, mindful eating, loving speech, and many other wonderful practicings. When we do, we will very connected and not alone. We become as large as the Sangha Body.

Let us continue our practice as we return to our homes, our families, and society. As we have learned to live in harmony with the Sangha in Plumvillage, we can also cultivate harmony in our families and society. As we have learned to understand and appreciate our friends in practice, we can also learn to understand and appreciate our co-workers and our neighbors. We can practice loving speech with a stranger on the city bus.

 Mindfulness practice is everywhere we go.