Flood session in Vietnam โ€“ in the middle of the storm – Hue 2020

Although I was born and raised in the South of Vietnam, I originated from Hue โ€“ the middle land of Vietnam. That might be the reason why I have never had to really fight with a flood, storms just like what the people there are doing, so I never felt the misery indeed. All I have ever known were from the news, the social media, โ€ฆ Therefore, being in Hue these days really gave me the chance to understand first-hand the suffering of our people, when they had to fight with disaster every day during this session, and the worries of having no job, no money, and nothing to eat. Have you ever imagined, when you can go to bed to sleep safely and soundly every night, the people here had to climb to their rooftop since the flood has submerged their house already? …..Comparing to other fundraisers, I didnโ€™t contribute as much as they did, but I have given whatever I can, including a peaceful part of me. On a rainy afternoon, I was able to attend a Disaster relief trip with the teachers and sisters from Tu Hieu pagoda – Dieu Tram. When we were trying to bring relief goods into a small road in Dai Noi Citadel, since there were no boats available, and the floodwater has receded, we decided to walk and carry the food on our own. Just by thinking that many people are hungry and cold, and desperately in need of our help, suddenly the cold, the pain, the tiredness disappeared, we instead became so excited and enthusiastic! Only the joy was in our heart at that time, when we can share the difficulties with people in this place. When we arrived at each house and gave them the relief goods, we saw the big smile on their faces, some even burst into tears, the tears of happiness. In the middle of misery, love is still there, in them, in us, in everyone. It was one of the most meaningful trips in my life.

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