Dear Beloved Thay,

This time of Corona Virus has been a chance to study and practice deeply and come together with sangha from all over the world. 

I am so grateful for all your teachings.  When I speak a kind word, when I stop and breath, when I walk mindfully and look deeply to transform my suffering, I feel that I am following in your footsteps.

I normally sit with the sisters of Nhap Luu, P.V. Australia and my local sangha but with zoom I am now also able to sit with the Melbourne sangha ,  and the Compassionate Ocean Sangha with members from all over the world.

I am practicing to be joyful, and to transform my suffering so I can help others.  I am grateful for the opportunity to study to be a Dharma Teacher and  mentor Order of Interbeing aspirants.  I vow to practice diligently with joy and mindfulness so  I can  be your continuation.

A deep bow to you

Daya Jepsen

Chan Minh Hai

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