Dear Sangha,

This is a notification from Stream Entering Monastery, regarding the novel Covid 19 ( Coronavirus ).

As you are aware, the situation of COVID 19 in Australia has been worsening as the days go by. During this challenging time, the wellbeing of our community is our top priority. Hence, we are closely following the advice and protocols of the Australian Government to make decisions upon them.

In the light of the Government’s restriction on public gatherings, and in the attempt to avoid the possibility of spreading the coronavirus protect the health and safety of our dearest Sanghas as well as our community as a whole, we have decided to close our Monastery today until further notice. All of our regular events, such as Mindfulness day, Precept recitation day, etc… We will postpone indefinitely, we will also stop receiving guests who come to our Monastery to stay overnight and cancel all retreat events that we have announced before ( which are supposed to behold at Stream Entering Monastery, Adelaide, Brisbane).

We would be back as soon as the public gathering is allowed and considered safe by the Government. We would keep you updated, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

During this time, our Monastery still has the schedule for Monastic.

Breathe and deep bows of gratitude
Stream Entering Monastery

Strong tree at Nhap Luu

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